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Painting Preview

I read about a spectacle in which ten blind men unskilled in playing their instruments scraped and banged on violins and cellos while dressed up in dunce caps and asses ears nearly a decade ago, but it was not until last September, while back home in CA, that I had an epiphany: what were those blind guys thinking?

I had always heard the story from the perspective of the man who would become the father of the blind – Valentin Haüy (Gregory Levine). Educated, snooty, and writing with the hindsight of success, he found the sideshow burlesque horrid. But seeing the scene from the perspective of the unknown blind performer (Bill Chambers), I thought the spectacle might have been the time of his life.

I read that first story “How I became a Cyclops” to my dear friend of many years Nellie King Solomon and she, a painter immediately started sketching out ideas for her next painting. Continue reading

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